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Our Partner

We have a longstanding relationship with SEI as a strategic partner to augment the investment management of our clients’ accounts.

SEI Investments Company, founded in 1968, is a global investment firm with $283 billion in assets under management and over three thousand employees worldwide.

Together with SEI, we create tax-efficient portfolios leveraging the expertise of an investment firm with 50 years of experience. I chose SEI because its stable of tax-efficient solutions offers several tools for me to use to manage tax-efficiency for my clients.

  • SEI offers tax aware mutual funds which reduce portfolio turnover, avoid or limit dividend-paying stocks, and selectively harvest losses.

  • They also provide separate unified and multi-manager accounts with a tax overlay strategy that aims to maximize after-tax returns.

  • Passive equity index replication entails using a passive equity index as part of a larger portfolio to reduce tax liability.

The difference it makes for our clients:

  • You won’t have to spend time coordinating meetings with your advisor and accountant.

  • Taxes won’t be an after-thought – the maximization of after tax returns will be a part of every investment decision that is made year round.

  • You may potentially pay lower fees by combining your accounting and investment services provider.