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Our Partner

We have a longstanding relationship with SEI as a strategic partner to augment the investment management of our clients’ accounts.

SEI Investments Company, a public company, founded in 1968 is a global investment firm with $332 billion in assets under management and over 3,700 employees worldwide.

Together with SEI, we create tax-efficient portfolios leveraging the expertise of an investment firm with 50 years of experience. I chose SEI because its stable of tax-efficient solutions offers several tools for me to use to manage tax-efficiency for my clients.

  • SEI offers tax aware mutual funds which reduce portfolio turnover, avoid or limit dividend-paying stocks, and selectively harvest losses.

  • They also provide separate unified and multi-manager accounts with a tax overlay strategy that aims to maximize after-tax returns.

  • Passive equity index replication entails using a passive equity index as part of a larger portfolio to reduce tax liability.

The difference it makes for our clients:

  • You won’t have to spend time coordinating meetings with your advisor and accountant.

  • Taxes won’t be an after-thought – the maximization of after tax returns will be a part of every investment decision that is made year round.

  • You may potentially pay lower fees by combining your accounting and investment services provider.

Our Custodian

Assets Held In Your Name at an Established, Arms Length Custodian

My firm has an established relationship with SEI Private Trust Company to provide custody of my clients’ portfolios.

  • SEI Private Trust Company is exactly that – a trust company – not a bank or brokerage house. Any creditor to SEI has no claim to your assets, since they are not held on SEI’s books, so to speak.

  • SEI does not commingle your assets with other investors’ money, and do not use your money as collateral for lending. In the past, situations like this have sometimes been problematic for clients because there is a risk of fraud or failure.

  • All assets are held in your name at SEI, and they are safekept on SEI’s premises, not a third party firm that SEI works with.

  • SEI is audited on a routine basis and subject to regular examination by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a division of the US Treasury Department.

The difference it makes for our clients:

  • Your financial statements will have SEI’s name on them, and any corporate actions that occur (such a stock splits or mergers) will be accounted for in these records.

  • SEI will settle all trades, and collect all dividends and interest on your behalf.

  • Your funds won’t be lent out in a margin transaction. They’ll be safely held in your name and only you have control over what happens to them.