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Your Personal CFO

We are your personal and business Chief Financial Officer

Abbondandolo Wealth Management is a holistic financial firm specializing in serving business owners, executives, and independent professionals.

Why do you need a personal CFO?

Much like a CFO manages a company’s balance sheet and financial activity, we help  you manage your personal, family, and business finances.

We work with you to identify your goals, define your priorities, and develop strategies to achieve them. By coordinating the major relationships in your financial life, we integrate your entire financial picture into a seamless whole that helps ensure every aspect is working to bring you closer to your goals.

As a full-service wealth management firm, we have the experience, expertise, and professional connections to take care of every financial issue.

We use a disciplined process to explore your unique needs and examine your situation from legal, accounting, tax, and estate lenses to identify unseen risks and take full advantage of opportunities. This rigorous approach helps us give you the confidence of knowing that nothing is left to chance.

As independent financial advisors, we are able to focus completely on your needs. We chose to become independent because we believe that proprietary products, sales quotas, and complex compensation models introduce conflicts of interest and take focus away from your needs. If you don’t understand how your advisor is being paid, how can you be sure your interests are aligned?

We are fee-only advisors and are committed to maintaining absolute transparency in our business model. We accept no commissions or other compensation beyond the fees paid for our services so that we can maintain our independence and objectivity. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are held to the highest levels of fiduciary responsibility, which requires us to put your interests above our own at all times.

Why Should You Be Working With Us?

We are highly experienced. When you work with us, you get immediate access to over 75 years of combined professional experience in investment management, accounting, tax preparation, insurance, and other financial areas.

We are specialists in serving the unique needs of business owners, executives, and independent professionals. This high level of focus gives us broad experience to draw from and allows us to anticipate your needs. Our advisors have pursued advanced coursework and attained specialized credentials such as the CPA, the Certified Investment Management Analyst®, Certified Private Wealth Advisor®, Accredited Investment Fiduciary, and the Personal Financial Specialist to give our clients the best advice possible. The financial landscape changes rapidly and continuing professional education helps us stay at the top of our game.

Our team-based approach gets you the advice you need when you need it. Each of our advisors brings a unique set of skills, experience, and perspective to the table. We believe that this collaborative style benefits our clients by leveraging each advisor’s strengths. Many of our clients have complex financial situations and we maintain consultative relationships with outside experts in estate planning, insurance, and other areas. This allows us to ensure our clients get specialized advice that is integrated with their entire financial picture.

We want to be your first phone call. Whenever you have a financial decision to make or a problem to resolve, we want you to call us first. The choices you make about your business and personal finances have an extraordinary impact on your financial future. Whether it’s buying a car or selling your business, we want to be there to help because it’s our job and we do it well. As your personal CFO, it’s our job to make sure you maximize every opportunity for financial success.

Let’s Build a Strong Financial Future Together

Over the years, we have learned that it’s not possible or desirable to serve everyone. Instead, we focus on serving a select group of clients to the best of our abilities. Though our clients come from every walk of life, we have found that we work best with clients who:

  • Are actively engaged in their financial lives.
  • Value professional advice and want to build long-term partnerships with trusted advisors.
  • Are passionate about their dreams and are working toward accomplishing their life goals.